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"I love your online lessons!"
 - Chris Buzzetta, Missouri

"I am reinstating my CFI after a 15 year layoff. I used King Schools CD'S to try to refresh myself on all the new regs and airspaces. You BY FAR explain the Airspace better, more comprehensive, and concise. I'll be referring my students to your site. Thank you very much for your service to flyers all over."
 - Dennis Dixon, CFI, Florida

"This is a great online course!  Really well designed and implemented."
 - Shannon Dunn, Missouri

"I just spent the last 2 hours watching the lessons and they are very well done. I simply can't believe someone is offering such high quality lessons for free. A great refresher for me and I've been a pilot for 34 years."
 - Frank Holbert, California

"Absolutely wonderful website. I found the videos incredibly helpful."
 - Brandon Massey, Nebraska

"Your visual aids and presentations are very good and this is an excellent idea. I like what you're doing."
 - Hugh Harbin, Alabama

"I would just like to thank you for this website. I'm more of a visual person and your site has helped me learn the basics a lot more than I would have from a book."
 - Eric Chan, California

"Nice website, great information... training very well done. I don't hand out compliments often but your material is very impressive!"
 - Ed Filby, Georgia

"I think your site is great!"
 - Matt Schonert, Illinois

"I just wanted to let you know how much I have been enjoying the on line ground school. I really appreciate the on line format, and having the Guide Book to use in conjunction is very helpful. You are making a great contribution to newbies like myself."
 - Bob Butera, California

"I wish to thank you for this wonderful resource free for enthusiasts of general aviation."
 - Richard Cheng, Massachusetts

"I just want to thank you so mutch! I love your lessons."
 - Ruben Martins Martins, Azores

"Wow the ground school for private pilot is great.
This seems too good to be true. Thanks!"

 - John Tucker, California

"I love your site and owe it my great success in passing the FAA Knowledge test. Now, I am going back and learning thoroughly rather than just enough to pass a test. I have looked at a lot of other sites and yours is by far superior. I highly recommend it."
 - Ken Hatley, Florida


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